What We Believe

The founders of Eastshore formed a new company in 2012 with the goal of building a practice based on prudent, sustainable and successful advice — not the short-sighted, ’salesman’ approach still ingrained in many other firms.

The heavily professionalized financial and political world in California gives preference to high visibility clients, while leaving many others behind. Eastshore brings the same high level of service to all clients, large or small.

Eastshore partners with a wide array of officials and organizations throughout the State as well as in Sacramento. We believe every client deserves the tremendous advantage of a firm connected to a diversity of disciplines and experiences — and we will leverage these resources to help achieve your success.

At Eastshore Consulting, we believe that collaboration and our ‘duty of care’ to clients safeguard the greater good. Whether ‘quarter-backing’ your project or just being a team member, our goal is to put your interests first and ensure the best ideas prevail.